Noida: Occupancy and completion certificates are available online

March 28, 2023

The Noida Authority has recently made a new section live on its official website to facilitate transparency and e-governance. The section, titled ‘Group Housing Builder Projects Information’, provides the public access to important details related to group housing projects in Noida. Quickbulls shares details about the new initiative by Noida Authority.

Good news for homeowners as they can now check details of their housing projects online. The Noida Authority has made key details available online from March 20, 2023. The website will include information like completion certificate (CC), occupancy certificate (OC), number of flats or pending arrears of any group housing project in Noida online. The users will visit the section ‘Group Housing Builder Projects Information’ on the official website.

What all details of a housing project can be accessed online?

According to Prasun Dwivedi, Noida Authority’s Officer on Special Duty (OSD Group Housing), people can now check details like a completion certificate, number of flats, Occupancy Certificate (OC), and pending dues of any group housing project in Noida online. This move is expected to benefit people looking to buy or sell flats in group housing projects, as they can use the information provided to make informed decisions.

Prospective homebuyers can now access a list of all 115 group housing projects on the official website of the Noida Authority. The list reveals that 80-90 projects are classified as defaulters, with builders owing the authorities approximately Rs 40,000 crore. Of these total 115 housing projects in Noida, 15 are

mired in insolvency proceedings. Also, seven housing projects have received temporary occupancy certificates. The authority website also reveals that 61 projects lack the required Occupancy Certificate (OC). Furthermore, despite 47 societies receiving occupancy certificates, registries for 21 completed projects have been stalled due to pending dues.

How to access the details of a housing project in Noida?

To access these details, people need to visit the official website of the Noida Authority and click on the ‘Group Housing Builder Projects Information’ tab. Once on this page, they can search for the relevant group housing project and find information related to its completion certificate, occupancy certificate, number of flats, and pending dues.

The Noida Authority had received feedback and request from citizens to help them access such information online. The new system for live updates on housing projects has been in the making for the last few months, and it has been made live now. While the system may not be 100 percent accurate now, the OSD has assured that there will be a constant improvement, and details will be updated regularly to ensure that people can access accurate and up-to-date information.

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